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About Us

History of Radomska Wytwórnia Telekomunikacyjna LTD Company comes up to 1938, when Ericsson company set up a telephones factory in Radom. From the very beginning - thanks to its complex product offer - the company took a very significant market position among suppliers of modern telecommunication technology solutions in Poland. Its innovative ideas as well as excellent technological and manpower resources aroused big interest among international partners looking for opportunities to enter this emerging market of great demand for telecom products.

Due to clients expectations the Company continuously enlarged its product offer and improved quality of services.


Prestigious branch rewards constitute a proof that high quality of services and high technology products were noticed and appreciated by market. To the most glorious prizes belong the modern telephone sets and telecommunication systems like:

-First place and award in 2003 on " The best Company on Masovia in 2002" in category: "Telekomunication and information science"

-Infotel Award in 2003 for Multimedia information kiosk.

-Awards in 2003 „Niemen ribbon" for innovtion and new technology during Polish exhibition POLEXPORT in Kaliningrad

-Award in 2008 for FCT-CDMA terminal in second edition „International polish product" competition.


Nowadays full equipment and service offer providing by Radomska Wytwórnia Telekomunikacyjna LTD is containing as well simply equipment like analogue telephones, antennas as high technology devices like terrestrial television decoder, terrestrial television module, network terminals and internet access system.


Our company also specializes in consulting concerns wide range of telecommunication technology. Our services include technical assistance, training, expertise, telecommunication system implementation and project management. Our experts and specialists distinguish by multiannual experience in telecommunication fields. We blend strategic planning with expert knowledge to tackle the most challenged projects.


Our keys to success are high quality of service and selected human resources. A mixture of people with strong technical training, experience and the creative, motivated young generation allows us to fast reaction on every signal coming from market.


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